Dubai’s rise in popularity can be attributed to its futuristic architectural ingenuity, historical highlights, lively nightlife and remarkable tourist attractions. Understandably, these characteristics have become a driving force in the rising popularity of its real estate industry, resulting in an attractive place to invest – with relaxed building regulations allowing for taller buildings to be constructed and fierce competition continuing to grow in prime real estate.

Ryan Mahoney of Dubai, UAE, has spent his career working in and around the city’s property market, making him an expert in his field. Furthermore, he has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing how properties are bought and sold in the region, further solidifying his influence within the market.

There are many reasons to be excited about Dubai’s property market. For instance, it offers a welcoming business environment, with its stable economy benefitting from a high volume of annual investment. As well as offering superior property yields when compared with cities such as New York and London, it also offers an average return of 7.5% and a gross rental yield of between 6-10%, according to data shared by Betterhomes.

The UAE’s strong economy and visa reforms, and its anticipated house price growth of up to 25%,  make Dubai an attractive investment destination. According to Business Leader, Dubai witnessed record-breaking property transaction numbers in 2022, with UK buyers accounting for 21% of all transactions.

In the same year, the United Arab Emirates issued 79,617 golden visas according to Skift, granting long-term residence to eligible foreign talents. The golden visa allows holders to live, work or study in the UAE for 5 or 10 years without a sponsor, with the ability to sponsor family members and domestic helpers. Take a look at the embedded infographic for more information about the benefits of the golden visa.

Given the recent visa reforms, individuals already residing in the Emirates may consider making it their long-term home. There has been a significant shift among investors increasingly attracted to affordable properties due to the lucrative nature of tax-free income. As a result, the luxury real estate sector is expected to experience a surge, providing an alternative location for those seeking new opportunities.

Further exploration of the property market in Dubai reveals additional compelling reasons to consider it a highly favorable investment choice. The embedded PDF delves into four key factors that highlight the benefits and financial advantages of investing in Dubai’s thriving real estate market.