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CEO of Better Homes and the CEO and owner of CenCorp.

This blog will cover a range of topics that relate to Mahoney’s professional interests, which include the UAE property market, proptech, and the economic development of the city of Dubai.

Drawing upon his expertise in the UAE property market and his extensive knowledge of the proptech industry, Ryan Mahoney has built and co-founded several start-up businesses including Dubizzle, MasterKey and Houza. In relation to his experience in the world of proptech, this blog will explore the property technology industry, uncovering what it does and what it wants to achieve.

This blog will also look at the changes that have been brought about by the proptech industry, which has caused significant developments across the real estate sector. The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had a huge effect on all businesses; this blog will explore what effect COVID-19 had on proptech, looking particularly at how the industry bounced back from an initial slump.


Property Market Trends

As Ryan Mahoney is an expert in the property market and property trends in the UAE, this blog will share the most important trends in the property industry in 2021. All areas of the property market will be covered, including the most recent trends in commercial and office space rental, which saw the office rental market in Dubai stabilize amid job creation and economic recovery in the city.

In addition to current trends, this blog will also look at the anticipated ‘new beginning’ that has been predicted in the UAE, which includes a variety of different factors and elements. The UAE’s new beginning is also connected to the recent increase in investors buying off-plan properties in the region, which will be further explored on this blog.

Dubai’s business environment is constantly evolving and this blog will detail these changes, such as its latest ecological aspirations. Only ten years ago Dubai had one of the biggest ecological footprints in the world, yet it has recently set a new goal: to have the smallest ecological footprint of any city in the world by 2050.

Property market trends