The real estate landscape has seen dramatic changes over the past few years. The limitations imposed by the pandemic – combined with changing consumer demand – has resulted in a rise in specialised technological solutions.  

Proptech’s scope has expanded exponentially in recent years, with innovative new disruptive technologies entering the market regularly. The PDF attachment explains what is meant by disruptive technology. 

As a real estate CEO, Ryan Mahoney of Dubai, UAE makes a point of keeping abreast of all new proptech trends and embracing those that are most likely to generate more success. As we enter 2022, there are various proptech trends that we can expect to see emerging and making waves across the global property markets. 

Enhanced Digitalisation 

Even prior to the pandemic, demand for enhanced digitalisation was growing across most industry sectors – and real estate was no exception. Over the past few years, this demand has grown even further due to the necessity of being able to offer many services virtually rather than in-person.  

Digitalisation helps improve efficiency by streamlining services, creates higher levels of transparency, and allows customers to make better informed decisions.  

The real estate sector’s survival throughout COVID-19 has involved embracing digital transformation, with services such as remote viewings and online rental platforms seeing high demand. 

Cost Optimisation 

The implementation of new technologies within the property sector can result in enhanced cost optimisation, with many services now becoming more affordable due to processes such as automation leading to better cost control.  

Developers are also able to utilise technology to drive down building and maintenance costs. These savings can then be funnelled down to the consumer, which in turn increases demand across the wider property market. 

Some of the top proptech trends for 2022 can be seen in the embedded infographic. 

Proptech in Dubai 

Dubai is a world leader when it comes to introducing new proptech innovations. The evolution of the smart ecosystem throughout the emirate, combined with a willingness to adopt a variety of innovative new services and products, has placed Dubai firmly at the head of the proptech revolution.  

Both private and public sector entities within Dubai are introducing new technologies to streamline property buying and selling, such as live-stream house viewings and the use of A.I. in the valuation process.  

A definition of what proptech means can be seen in the short video attachment to this post.