The region of Dubai has emerged in recent years as a key business hub, attracting huge numbers of multinational corporations who are now using the emirate as a primary regional base.

Ryan Mahoney of Dubai, UAE is the CEO of a property business. The embedded PDF explores the top considerations businesses need to think about before establishing a base in Dubai.

There are several key advantages offered by the region which can explain the influx of new business.


Dubai is ideally placed to serve markets in both Europe and the Far East as well as the Middle East. Time-zone differences often make conducting business in Europe and the Far East simultaneously a difficult prospect.

By basing operations in Dubai, businesses are able to bypass these challenges and operate across all three markets. There are also geographic advantages in terms of logistics when it comes to transporting goods, with direct access to several key marketplaces.

Political Stability

Political instability is often a barrier to doing business in the Middle East. Dubai offers companies a stable political landscape and a pro-business government, making it attractive for overseas investors.

The regulatory and banking systems across the emirate are well-developed and investors can approach new opportunities with a strong degree of confidence.


Dubai is a hub of connectivity, with multiple networks for high-tech innovation. In a world where consumers are increasingly reliant on online services, a connected environment is essential for successful business.


The infrastructure in Dubai is advanced and there has been considerable investment in this area for several years, with a focus on transport, energy, telecommunications technology and industry.

Inward investment has also increased due to the introduction of several ‘free zones,’ adding appeal for outside investors.

More information about free zones can be seen in the short video attachment.

Workforce Availability

The lifestyle in Dubai is attractive to many people, including talented professionals. Factors such as low crime rates, low taxes, excellent leisure facilities and solid infrastructure attract professionals from around the world. This results in impressive workforce availability for multiple industry sectors, leading to great employment prospects and strong networking opportunities.

The embedded infographic looks at the top five businesses currently operating in Dubai in terms of market value.