The transformation of Dubai in recent decades has been rapid and impressive. Once a small fishing village, the Emirate has become one of the most renowned economic, business and tourism hubs of the modern age. The embedded short video looks briefly at the history of Dubai.

In recent decades the population of Dubai has increased by more than 500%, making it one of the world’s fastest growing cities. As a property professional, Ryan Mahoney of Dubai, UAE is ideally placed to witness the influx of new residents and the effect this has on the business and lifestyle environment.

Modern Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates and a center for business and leisure activity.

The Dubai Skyline

The prosperity of contemporary Dubai can be seen in the city’s skyline, which boasts some of the tallest and most unique buildings in the world. The architecture of Dubai includes: the world’s first and only seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab; the Jumeirah Mosque; the iconic wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel; and the Bur Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Dubai today is renowned the world over for its stunning architecture both modern and ancient.

In the infographic attachment you can explore some of the most popular districts in Dubai for new residents relocating from other parts of the world.

A Diversified Economy

One of the key drivers of Dubai’s economic success in recent years is diversification. Unlike several other Emirates, Dubai does not rely as heavily on the oil industry for economic prosperity. While oil is still big business, there are many other sectors in Dubai that are helping to drive strong growth. The tourism industry has been booming since the 1990s, and real estate reforms in the early 2000s helped promote overseas investors to purchase property, including both commercial and residential buildings.

Global Business Hub

As a port city, Dubai has been able to leverage its location and develop a bustling maritime industry that has helped boost economic growth over the years.

Dubai is located almost centrally between several major global markets, making it one of the most attractive places for businesses to center their operations.

Other advantages to businesses include attractive tax breaks, no restrictions on foreign real estate ownership, and custom duty benefits.

The PDF attachment outlines some of the most significant benefits of relocating to Dubai.